Silica International

Innovation is the key of vital development at SILICA GROUP. Newer ideas, latest inventions, deepen technological knowledge to give its work force a new impetus towards technical progress. Continuous efforts in Research & Development help us to full fill our responsibility towards our customers. The responsibility of providing its customers best quality & zero-defect products to enable them to be a comfortable and secure in usage. We at SILICA GROUP continuously invest for Research and Innovations.

The main objective of R&D is to closely cooperate with various departments to provide them the latest designs & innovative technology.

  • Quality policy

Continuous innovation, application of latest technology & regular feedback from customers to improve quality at all levels.

Quality is an integral part of our business management. Quality is the essence of our products. At SILICA GROUP quality is passion. Starting from the stage of raw material to finished goods, no compromise is ever made, at any stage, towards quality as our motto is to provide the best quality and zero-defect products to our customers.

At SILICA GROUP simple rule on quality is to full fill the expectations of the customers and to be number one in customer satisfaction.

  • Sustainability

SILICA GROUP is integrating environmental protection across all its operational activities. Though optimal utilization of energy resources, eliminating waste and wastage, adopting greener processes, developing greener products, adherence to best practices and compliance with emerging international standards, we are ensuring that along with robust business performance our planet to remains in good health.